Is there a file size limit for video upload?

Trying to make a hero header have a video background–
Always seeing the following error in my Network tab when trying to upload:
“success”: false,
“message”: “No files uploaded.”,
“out”: [],
“fatal”: false,
“framework”: {
“mode”: “app”,
“time”: “52.3”

Not super descriptive… is there a file size limit or anything else I should know about?

Hey @Matthew, yes, there is a max limit of 20 MB per video. We will add info about that. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you @Lazarevic !


Seems like we have issues with uploading videos. Please give us some time we will resolve as soon as possible. Thanks

Thanks @dejan . I was about to say, still having trouble even at 18mb haha.


I think server is rejecting larger files :smiley: But I am waiting response from DevOps team to investigate and fix, will let you know.

Until then you can upload video somewhere else and then use Upload by URL, that seems to be working.