Is this a good use case for Collection calls?

I’m building a golf scorecard builder component (as I anxiously wait for Repeater to come along the pipeline :)) but I’m currently just using sets of spans in groups, iterated as a grid. Collections would be an obvious choice for this, but if I have the following data:

Holes (loop of 18) {
Red Tees: { yardage, par, handicap }
Yellow Tees: { yardage, par, handicap }
Green Tees: { yardage, par, handicap }

How could I do this better? It would be great to just say okay, I need a table that has only the 18 lines with each of the 3 Red data points for the columns, but ignores the rest, and be able to just output that.

As you can see, I try to use the same table of data for all four tables, while using some CSS column hiding tricks, and there has to be a better way :rofl:

I’m new to collection/api calls so any advice is welcome :slight_smile:

site: Sakima Country Club | Course


I’ve never played golf :smiley: So this is a bit hard for me to understand.
Anyway, if it works, then it’s good solution :slight_smile:

I’ll try to make repeater as soon as possible, should make things for you much easier.