Issue with Divhunt altering attribute names

I’m seeing issues with Divhunt when using third-party JavaScript libraries, or even trying to create attributes with certain characters. It’s stripping specific characters from attribute names, such as ‘@’ and ‘:’, causing compatibility problems. Attributes affected include ‘@click’ and ‘x-on:click’ from AlpineJS, but this would apply to any attribute that requires one of these characters.

The stripped characters result in incorrect HTML rendering, for example, ‘@click’ becomes ‘click’, missing the ‘@’.

Currently, the only solution is to manually insert custom HTML, but this isn’t ideal because it prevents the editor from displaying the standard UI settings for the element, showing them only as custom code blocks instead.

Putting an @click attribute on a putting in Divhunt:

HTML rendering of that same button (notably missing the @, thereby breaking the functionality):

<button click="open = true" dh-id="1713624018555002" dh-loop="1" class="t1713624018555002"><text type="button">Button Text</text></button>