Issue with wordcount, RSS & Embedding form

Hello DivHunt team,

I’ve encountered a couple of issues that I’ve been unable to resolve. I will be attaching screenshots for each problem:

  1. I’m using Ubersuggest for a site audit, and it consistently reports a low word count on my web page, even though there is an ample word count on the site. Can you please explain why I’m experiencing this discrepancy?

  2. I’m still facing difficulties generating an RSS feed for my website, and I’m unsure why this issue persists. I’ve attempted to validate other sites, and it works. I also validated my own site, which is built on WordPress.

    rss 2

  3. I utilized the embed version to insert HTML code for creating a form, but it consistently displays only half of the form. I will be attaching a screenshot for your reference. Additionally, I embedded this form into another site that uses WordPress, and it functions correctly.

Thank you for your assistance.

I was about to start a post as I’m having the same issue with #3. I’m embedding a form that works perfectly on Wordpress but only partially shows on Divhunt.

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If your form loads an octane, which it probably does, you may need to set the height of your container (where you have placed your embed) to the expected height of a fully-loaded form as a static value in pixels (not percent).

Otherwise, you may need to use a frame resized script to update dynamically the side of the frame element.

I ran into the same issue and fixed it my setting a fixed height of the container of the frame.