Issues with saving edits

I’m having issues saving any of the edits on the pages and components, I’m not sure what is going on. For example, the navbar, after making all the changes, even after hitting publish, it just resets to the original element . Some of the components even after removing them and publishing, reappear again. Are changes autosaved? I don’t see option to save for many of the features.

Everything is auto-saved.
Only issue that might cause that is if your internet connection broke even for a second and then you continue to work, sometimes it doesnt save what you did after internet reboot.

We will do some updates for that, but in general, if you have stable internet, this type of stuff shouldnt happen, I have been working actively in dh for hours in last year and it only happened maybe 1,2 times.

Anyway, we will try to make that system better so it never happens

It seems to be working smoothly now. Thank you.