Javascripts not properly loading when using Link Type Page

Hi guys,
As the title mentions, my pages doesn’t register what I’ve put inside of my javascript when I use the Link Type Page. On refresh it works tho. I’m using the script that @Pakic provided before, which only loads elements if a page is in the route :smile:

if ('route') === '/da/div/thevitaone' ||'route') === '/da/div/thevitaone/how' ||'route') === '/da/div/thevitaone/madeindk' ||'route') === '/da/div/thevitaone/skin' ||'route') === '/da/div/thevitaone/hair-nails' ||'route') === '/da/div/thevitaone/skin-hair-nails' ||'route') === '/da/div/thevitaone/skinvitamins' ||'route') === '/da/div/thevitaone/hairnailsvitamins' ||'route') === '/da/div/thevitaone/howto'
    ) {

Here’s a video example Watch Screen Recording 2024-03-20 at 11.03.30 | Streamable

Here on top, set event “Page on Ready”

Ah yes that works! Thank you so much Pakic :smile: :pray: