Just WOW - GTMetrix tests - with some interesting results

I have a hard time grasping the speed Divhunt can deliver “out-of-the-box” without any optimizations. I ran a few tests VS a Wagtail site, which is exceptionally well-coded, optimized, and wicked fast and they spent a shitload of time and money to optimize it to the fullest.

I recreated the index page with the same content (images and texts) and ran a side-by-side comparison in GTMetrix. I added a third site, also Divhunt, for fun, that utilizes REST API data to see how it performs (usually slower due to external data you cannot control).

The result:
Divhunt “Wagtail clone” to the left - Wagtail original site, middle - Divhunt site with API data to the right:

This is truly mindblowing IMHO!! And we are just in the beginning of the Divhunt journey, it’ll get better and faster as time goes and the devteam get som time to optimize this even more…

I know we always want more functionality from the app but the core value is speed, keep that focus and Divhunt might rule the world some day :slight_smile:

Thanx for creating such an awesome app :pray:t3::pray:t3:


We are very glad that you like performances of Divhunt websites! We spent a lot of work on performances.
And one more thing worth mentioning is that we are using anycast IP, which means your website speed will be the same all around the world. If you are doing custom coding on your own hosting, would be very hard to accomplish