Lifetime - bought 5 codes through AppSumo


I’ve bought 5 codes, all activated but only seem to be able to use two? In my AppSumo account it says I didn’t redeem them but I 100% did - and on DivHunt they are all redeemed successfully (I know I redeemed them). What can I do?

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 2.28.16 PM

On this page it is showing only two?
Or when you try to apply lifetime deal to some project, there it is showing 2?

Can you give me your email

When I go to apply the deal to a project it is only showing 2 and I can’t apply the deal. Email is


Hi - I haven’t had a response to this as yet via email or here.



As I can see, you have 5 lifetime plans already added into your account, where 2 of them already used and 3 available to be activated?

So from my end everything works as expected.

I know - thats what it should be but when I go into Projects - I only have two and cannot activate the other three (which is what I’m trying to do at the moment). How can I activate the other three when it says ‘Free’ on one and I can’t access the other two? Email might be better. Cheers, Peta