Lightbox action for images, photos

Hi Team,

Perhaps I am missing some existing way to achieve this, if so please advise on how to do so.

I would the ability to add a “lightbox” pop out from any image as a click or hover state action.

As a photographer this is an important feature, probably for other visual and graphic artists building a portfolio with Divhunt.


PS Here is a link to the Webflow site for an example in case you are not familiar with lightbox displays.


Hey @liam, here is the video about Lightbox, I hope you find it helpful:


Hi @Darko @dejan , for the cover parameter, can we provide a value from a variable?
For example, I’m displaying thumbnails of images associated to an article and I would like to setup the lightbox’s cover parameter with the variable which is the current image I’m clicking on.

Note: I use an iterable to access the images URLs (thumbnails & original image) from a Strapi table.

That is great, thanks for the video.

I feel like this feature could still use some more customisation options. For example; to be able to choose whether or not to show a white background around the image, to adjust the size of the image within the white background if you have one, choices for navigation via arrows or dots etc, the option to convert an entire section into one lightbox with all the images in that section automatically added to it and so on.

Are the features of the lightbox designed by the Divhunt team or is this plugin produced by an external team?

Thanks again!

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We developed this. Thanks for suggestions, we will look into improving that plugin with more options :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Pakic , I appreciate the replies and assistance!

Oh, and it is customary behaviour to be able to press the escape key on desktop or back button on mobile to close the lightbox. If it’s okay, I will leave any other desirable features here in extra comments if I think of them…


It is also intuitive to use arrow keys on a computer keyboard to navigate through lightbox images within a group but this does not appear to be possible at the moment?

Also, when I created a “group” for images in a section, when you click on the first image in that section, it opens in lightbox as the last image on the thumbnail slider at the bottom of the images. I would expect it to open as the first image on the thumbnail slider and then to navigate to the right to view the other images in the group. Is this a bug or is there something I need to do differently to achieve this please? TY


Hey @xmasrock, lightbox doesn’t have this feature yet but we are looking into improving lightbox system so it can have more options.


How do I get the section “lightbox”. All of a sudden it is here in the video.

Hi millionhope,

Darko explained it in video that its really simple structure, in this case he just created a div, and inside of the div he put an image. And when he clicks that div, lightbox opens, since he applied lightbox that div, which is wrapper of an image.

Point is, you can apply lightbox to anything, you can create a button for example “Play Video” and apply lightbox to that, which will open a popup video, or whatever you set.

Thank you Pakic,
I got it. As a phtographer I am trying to recreate my website in divhunt. I was looking for a masonry gallery where i can set images in a row, and when someone clicks an image, a lightbox pops up. Is this possible?


But here the grid layout is not masonry. there are gaps when images are of different sizes…So this layout is not good for gallery items, especially for photographers… Is there any way to make it a masonry grid ?

Is there a way to use one cover image on a loop, then have multiple images in lightbox not shown on page?

The user would click on the cover image and then would see associated images, they could click through and possibly captions per image.

OR If there was a way to tie multiple images to a CMS Collection.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you so much!