Link - Navigate to section/ID in another page

I’m trying to use a link to navigate to a particular section/ID in another page.

Am I able to do this?


Yes that is possible and you can do it like this:

  1. Add ID to the wishing section
  2. Open your link block settings and paste the URL of a page where your section is located and at the end of that link just add this: ‘#section-ID

Like this:

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Hi Darko,

I have done tried this and unfortunately it will only navigate to the top of the page where the section exists. The url is displaying how you suggested linking the sections, ie: “url#section-ID”.

For further context of the components. I have a navbar with link buttons that navigate to their respective pages.

There are popup components that also have link buttons that navigate to the page and its respective section.

Adding in screenshot of popup component in builder

Are you using loop option to multiply your link tags ?

Yes I am, I will try without looping and see if that will solve the issue :slight_smile:

After changing this to individual link tags it still will not navigate to the specific section of the page.

If I click on the link when I am already on the page it will take me to the section, but after it will then reload the page and take me back to the top of the page.

Are there any naming/typing conventions that I should use/avoid?

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This seems strange, can you please give me the link to your website so i can take a look

Hi Darko,

We’ve now launched the site with our own domain and are still experiencing the same issue:

Please look using the new domain: Vivid Active | Faqs