Link Text In Sentence

Hi all,

I have been trying to add link text in sentence paragraphs but cannot figure out how to do this. The link button cannot be added to a sentence. Can someone help, please?


There’s two ways to achieve this.

  1. Create a paragraph, and add spans + link inside to generate content. This way is a bit boring, but gives you much more flexibility with linking and styling.
  2. Using rich text element, you can any text, select which part you want to be a link, and click on link icon. (In the time of recording I realized that there is a bug with this link icon in rich text editor, and one workaround for this is to click first italic icon, and then link icon and it will work, but we will fix this soon)

Here you go a quick video tutorial


@Lazarevic @Pakic The process of creating links and spans in this manner is quite lengthy. I’ve previously mentioned in another post that editing content directly on the canvas would be more efficient and quicker. Divhunt’s method for editing text and creating links, as shown in this example, is quite time-consuming and not very obvious. It would be great if canvas editing could be implemented as it would be more convenient, similar to traditional web builders like Webflow.


Yeap, we understand, but its not that easy to create feature like that, and its not priority right now, since there is a workaround, so we need more time :slight_smile: we will work on this in future

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@Pakic Thats great to hear! You guys are doing amazing work.

Thank you for this video; it really helped.