Linking Blog Card/Read More To Intended Post

After watching the Create & Connect CMS video I’m close to finished with a starter blog/single post template for some sites. The only thing not covered in the video (maybe I missed it :confused: ) was how to link either the individual post card or Read More link to the intended post. By default it sends the link to the most recent entry if variable “slug” is picked.

What is the appropriate method to ensure each new posts Read More link or the entire card itself directs to the intended post and not just the most recent?

Thank you


Check this video at

Did you do the thing at 14:40 with slug attribute?

Hi Pakic, thanks for the reply.

I used the blog template (3rd choice down if term “blog” is used in the elements tab). The structure has a grid div with blog cards inside it. I’ve even tried assigning the slugs just to the “Read More” nav links with no luck. It doesn’t seem like its showing me any options to assign a link to the blog card selector.

In your video it shows the top level div housing everything is a link. Should I wrap the cards in an additional link button element?

Hey, can you give me your website url

Sure, its Tyler | Blog

I’ve fixed it for you.
I recorded how I did, so you can know if you need it again in future :slight_smile:

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Thank you Pakic, works great!

I wouldn’t have figured out the method for making the single page dynamic with the :slug

Also a side note, but you may have it setup this way for a reason. It appears that Divhunt allows both HTTP and HTTPS connections and isn’t forcing SSL.