Load More - Feature Needed

Hi, I am building a site for a client where on the portfolio page I have a lot (50+) of images to add with filters. I followed the simple filter tutorial on your YouTube channel, but I need a button at the bottom that says “Load More”, which basically loads more images once the user clicks the button. As later on the number of images can go up, loading all the images at once may slow down the page, so it will be better at page load only 10-15 images load and then the “Load more” button will load more 10-15 images each time user clicks. My layout is almost the same as you used in this video.
I don’t get how to do this here…Can you pls help to solve this?

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Is it possible to do?

Hey, yes, its possible with custom code (JS), but not with the simple filtering plugin. If you can wait, I can create a plugin tomorrow for that?

Sure, Thank you! Let me know once it’s done.

@Pakic any progress on this? Can I expect it today please?