Locomotive Plugin is Buggy

Hi guys

In the locomotive plugin, it only works on position: TOP
When I change the position, the offset changes to the name of the position instead of the % sign and it has the name which makes problems in the effects on the love page.
After switching a position and the offset is changing, there is no way to reset the offset, even when uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, the same problematic configurations are getting back.

I think for now it is better to check more plugins qa before releasing them.
I would like to help test plugins.

The plugin was tested in a few sections and on 2 different websites.

Website for reference:
Section: Testimonials

Best Regards

Also there is a bug in the Delay.
After trying to change the Delay the plugin stops working.

I have removed the plugin because the bugs are returning also after reinstalling the plugin.

Not recommended to use it now.

Yes, I already raised the issue before, this plugin has issues. Not ready for live websites as of now.

Okay, will remove it from the market and will work more on it :slight_smile: Thank you for reporting issues