Locomotive Smooth Scroll plugin

Would be great if we would get Locomotive Smooth Scroll library plugin native in Divhunt. I use it all the time now but a 1 click install would be a live safer!

Hi @corneromme,

I built this today, I created a plugin that gives you simple interface to add attributes to elements fast, so you dont need to do everything manually.

Anyway, this is not published live yet, I need some more testing to do and then I will publish it for everyone to use. I never heard of this library before, so I need some more time to explore all the options possible.

It looks something like this:



That is awesome! It’s really cool that you tried it right away and actually listen to your community.

Being able to automatically add the attributes is already a great start! Can’t wait to test it out

How do you use the locomotive scroll?
Any examples?

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We didn’t have time to properly test this plugin, so it is in experimental phase, and we will create a detailed tutorial in future. For now I created a quick loom on how to use it (basics):

Heres a github of this plugin, so you can read more about options that we are having in sidebar: