Loop Limited to 24, How to go Higher?

I have a carousel with pictures of work by various artists. For the carousel image containing element I have used loops so that each one has the same styling, as it should be.

There are 10 artists and I would like to show 4 images from each one. Thiese numbers may go up in the future. So I want to make 40 carousel spots. But when I try to do that, it resets to 24 loops. Is that intended or a bug? If not a bug, why is there this artificial and extremely low limitation? I need to be able to use as many loops as I see fit for each use case I come accross, how can I achieve this in Divhunt?

Hey @nextlevelbros, until we fix this and allow more items to be looped, the solution would be to duplicate the original looped item. So you have 2 looped Divs in total.

Or have each artist be their own div that is looped XX times.

The final solution would be using the CMS collection for this, but it might be unnecessary for this use case.

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Got it, thanks for the response.