Looped external hyperlink bug?

I’ve noticed my looped links across my footer component and anywhere I have looped external hyperlinks (websites pointing to external https://) is not working and default to the first loop.

For example, I have a footer link looped no.2 for “chosen ones” pointing to > Chosen One | ZenflueX


BUG: The actual website points to loop no.1 link homepage (www.zenfluex.com)


I’ve noticed it like this for a while now and thought it may be a bug?

Please help advise me on this whether it is a bug.

At this moment my looped links to external pages are not working. Thank you :slight_smile:


This is a bug indeed, we still haven’t solved it unfortunately.

So the issue is that you can’t have different types of linking (page, url, email) configured in the same looped item.

So in your case, please unloop and just duplicate elements.

I’ll move this bug higher in the priority list, so hopefully it will be addressed soon.

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Great to know Dejan, thank you for confirming :slight_smile:

I have set my looped links to display none in some of the loops (so they don’t appear).

It would be interesting if you could solve this riddle. Keep up the great work!

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