Mannually save a site version

You can save some version before changing something.

Is something get wrong go back easily with previous version.

the undo button just go back a few steps.


We will create this for sure. For now, you can feel safe knowing that every time you publish a website, that version was saved as backup, and you can get in touch with us, so we can restore it.

@Pakic I need a site restored to a previous version. Should I just ask here, or what is the best way to contact you about this?

I have messed up my site a bit by deleting a component. I was not sure what would happen, but it did not go as planned lol. In any case, can you restore my site to a previous version?

Please restore to a version around 16:00 GMT, October 17th. This is the URL:

After you copy the part you need, go back to the builder and paste the content into the JSON at the top menu bar.

I did it yesterday and it works great.

(I am Not from Divhunt Team…)

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Thanks a lot @Stolichnaya, although my attempt to use this method was not entirely sucessful.

When copy pasting the page from the older version to the new one, none of the classes came through, and now I need to go an add those back one by one… trying not to miss any.

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Sorry to read that nextlevel

Stefan, Can you confirm that the restored backup doesn’t add classes or that the backups aren’t fully working yet?