Marquee Loop Cut Problem

Hi guys,

When the loop is ending, there is a cut and I don’t like it.

How can I fix that without looping 100,000 times?

I have tried a fix of duplicating the image wrapper 4 times and and looped each one by 10 and it still happens.

What can I do to fix this glitch?

It’s not possible to do it. That’s how marquee works, it is working flawlessly for a duration you set and then on reset you feel that ‘snap’.

You dont need to loop it 100k times, you can loop it enough so it is good enough enough to work correctly for 30+ seconds, all time above that is in my opinion an extra, noone will sit and watch that effect for a 30+ seconds, and even if they do, it’s not a like website breaking bug? :slight_smile:

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