Maybe a text rendering/formatting bug when using API data

Found inconsistencies between what’s shown in the Content Selector for REST and the paragraph tag in Builder…

I have a REST returning values and when I dig down into the different elements in the Content Selector, the preview looks correct with new lines and formatting:

But when the same data is rendered in Builder (or on dev URL) as a p-tag it shows the text as raw, no formatting:

Is this a bug, or did I misunderstand how to render API-formatted texts in Builder?

Can you provide domain name so I can check?

On the same site - render dynamic single pages with data from REST:

Dynamic Routing on the Server

Ensure that your server is set up to handle dynamic routes (like /artist/:slug). The server should be able to parse the slug, fetch the relevant data using the API, and render the page with this data.

Is Divhunt doing this now?

On the dev domain it works when I try it when logged in but in another browser, it doesn’t access the dynamic data for single dynamic pages.

Bug or coming feature @dejan ?


I can’t find that section, which page?