Mobile Responsive Layout


Please assist I am having issues with the layout of mobile. If I fix one mobile layout - it is getting messed on other mobile screen size.

please assist

Let me know where I can post the project in order for your team to have a look


Can you please describe issue you are having in a bit more details?
And as well, can you give me your website url

I use Responsive Website Testing Online Tool | Responsiveness Checker to simulate the screen size resolution.

I have tried the settings for

  1. 1920 px
  2. 991 px
  3. 767 px
  4. 480 px

Still there are issues with the responsive layout.

Please assist

I shared the link for my website on Chat with you


I fixed it for you. In your navbar and in footer, you have used multiple times width property, for example: 480px. That means, if screen is less than 480px, that element on which you have put width 480px will cause horizontal scroll (broken view).

Please checkout this video for future work:

Thanks Pakic…it works like charm. I owe you.

I just noticed on my mobile screen when i scroll the page slowly it is jumping to other sections ?

Not sure what is causing this…can you please check

It works fine for me. I am not sure what jumping are you experiencing?
Just don’t use fixed width on any element. Fixed width is very rarely used when building a website, since it will cause many bugs that you are having. Use width 100%, and then with property max-width, you can limit it to like 480px for example.

@Pakic thanks for your help. I need one more help pls. I am not able to get the right logo size on mobile view…its way too small.

Please assist