More quick keys and YouTube organization.

Make a quick key ctrl+shft+z for remove.

Also, how about making the ‘Make a website in 10 minutes’ video the main video on your YouTube home page? Because I’m a total beginner I have always just used themes so I have to keep going back to watch videos again to learn the basics, especially that one.

Also, how about a quick key for quickly switching back and forwards from builder to live website, or make the live website open in a new window.

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Hey @Euan80, thanks for the suggestions!

Regarding the YouTube video, you can easily find it through a search. It’s important for us to have the “Meet Divhunt” video as the first one on our channel, so new potential users can see what it’s all about!

Additionally, there’s a playlist titled “Divhunt Basics” that contains all the guides about Divhunt.

To open a live website in a new window, hold CTRL/CMD and click the link. This will open your live website, or you can click the mouse wheel on the link to open it in a new tab.

To switch between tabs, you can use these two shortcuts:

  • CTRL/CMD + [tab number] (For example, if your builder is in the first tab of the browser, pressing CTRL/CMD+1 will bring it up).
  • CTRL + TAB will switch to the next tab in the browser, while CTRL + ALT + TAB will take you to the previous tab.

I hope that helps!

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Yeah, and with hindsight it was probably a bad idea to announce my plan to a community of website builders.

Thank You