Multilanguage - working?

Is the Multilanguage system up and runing? just because mine is not working is still under maintenance

HI @KAdrian

Please bear with us bit longer, we performed some tests last night with several websites but there was some issues, so we will give it second run today and hopefully finish it.



It’s partially live, however there’s more things to be done.
For now you can add up to 3 languages (we will allow more in future as we improve system).

So once you add more languages, inside builder navbar you have option to choose language and fill the content for each language.

Then publish your site and access different languages using
We will be improving this system if following days.

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thank you so much for reaching back to me :smiley:

all the best wishes :smiley:

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So we need to Host every language site separately with a new domain in order to publish them?


Not really, you can add up to 15 languages now. Once you add more than 1 language, you’ll have option from top navbar to change language and modify text.

Languages will be loaded based on the url of your website for example if your domain is - this would be default language you’ve set - this would be french language you’ve set


You determine the suffix (in this case “fr”), and suffix can be from 2 to 5 characters.