Multilingual - swich language button?


My apologize for delay, I wasn’t active last few days.

I’ll roll out this block tomorrow, basic example and then you can drag & drop block and improve the style.


Thank you very much, and I apologize sincerely for causing stress. You’re doing a fantastic job, and of course, you have a personal life as well. I’m sorry for stressing you out; it wasn’t intentional.

No problem @noxic this is something we need :smiley:

Btw almost done, why it took longer is because I am improving whole block sidebar to have categories and to be more powerful, in this case so it can generate tags in real time, meaning it can read your languages and create HTML out of it.

Will let you know once is ready for you to test it, just a tiny bit more patience :smiley:


Great! i will publish my new site the next view days.
for the beginning without language switcher, but can’t wait to test it. :slight_smile:

Even though I’m currently on vacation, I’m still interested in finding out how things are progressing with this switch. I’d like to equip my new website with it to make it multilingual.

By the way, greetings from the beautiful Italian part of Switzerland, Ticino!


Hey Dejan, is there a small glimmer of hope on the horizon by any chance? :slight_smile:

Hi. I just started to use deviant and the main reason was that in the website says that it can be multilingual but there is no language picker to use.
If I try to insert a block on the head menu to select languages, it gives an error

Hi, any update or tutorial on how to implement the language switch?