Multilingual - swich language button?

Hi there , what are the steps to implement a swich language button ? like select language button / drop down thing :d

once you activate second language in your builder on the top right you will have a button to switch language.
you can then create all the pages in the second language and the site will be visible under . ES is example for Spanish


I think KAdrian meant how to add dropdown switch of languages in navbar of his website?

If I am correct, if you can wait couple of days, we will create native dropdown switch which you will be able to drag & drop. If it is urgent, I cant help you to build it with custom JS.

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Lovely I can wait , no rush, thank you


If you want to give it a try, you can implement some simple switch in footer like show list of languages using the $language variable & iterable system, but as Pakic said, we will do some native way for this soon.

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@dejan did you had time to get this language switch available ?

@Pakic ? I understand @dejan is probably too deeply involved in something more important. Do you have some cycles to help me?


I can do this one today/tomorrow, will let you know once is live. Thanks for patience.


Hi @dejan : WYT if in the “Page” object you can expose the current url path ? Then it will be very easy to build the current url version for each language.


Yeah, there are more ways to build the multi language system, but if you do it with multiple pages, it could work, but you’ll have to maintain a structure on all the different layout pages once you modify something, that’s why Divhunt language system is better as it let’s you use same page, same structure, same style just different content.

I was thinking about something like an iterator set of links:

  • content $language_iterator_with_active_filtered
  • link-type url
  • href ${$Domain->$get(‘link’)}/$language_iterator_with_active_filtered->Lowercase/$Page->get(‘current_path’)}

Isn’t that already implemented ?