My website speed is not good

Why , Am in paid account, still very less

I hope it will be fixe quickly
also i returned on WP lol


I wouldn’t agree that website speed is poor, especially not very poor.

For example, this is your website: Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix

Your website is getting fully loaded (not fake loaded) in less than a second.

By fake loaded I mean: many builders and tools, especially on WordPress are faking your speed tests, they give fake information to speed metrix tools by not loading your whole website, while in reality if you trust your eyes, you will see that website in reality is not loading that fast, and with Divhunt I am sure your website will be loaded always under 1s if you have optimized it well with images, and not loaded huge amount of 3rd party scripts such as gtag.

But nevertheless, we are working on optimizing speed even more in near future, by making auto-responsive images, lazy loading 3rd party scripts, CDN acceleration, cache, and similar.

Conclusion: if you optimize your images well (which you haven’t done) and dont load huge amount of 3rd party scripts, you will get great results on tools such as gtmetrix & pagespeed insights.

We will create a guide on how to optimize images for web on our forum soon.

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