Native eCommerce

I have been one of the first customers of Divhunt, buying a lot of codes, and only motivated by their announcement of their Native eCommerce.

For those of us who have bet on migrating our main and only business to Divhunt, continuing with uncertainty for months is especially tough, considering that we want to stay here forever and also help with development through our feedback. We already know that unfortunately (despite the large investment and plans) this is being postponed again for other priorities and that there will be an expansion of your team in Q1 '24.
In the meantime It’s very frustrating to continue without being able to do anything on your platform and continue using tools that we want to escape from forever.

You must remember that an eCommerce with your platform will increase the value proposition of Divhunt, so this should also be a priority in the best possible way into the new 2024 Roadmap.


Yes, we understand that we said Q1 for eCommerce and now in January it seems unrealistic, but it is for sure planned this year, and possible investment might speed things up much as we could hire more developers. :slight_smile:

If we were looking to create a basic eComm like Webflow did, we would have done it in time. But our goals are different, everything we publish, we want it to be the best on the market, or atleast among the best. That’s why we want to take more time with eCommerce.


I 100% understand and respect it, I have no doubt about it, just understand that while the rest of customers are already doing something, we cannot do anything normally, and that besides the economic investment there is also the time invested in waiting, and in our art from scratch with the platform, which considering that it is a business is something serious that **takes even more extra time without being able to sell, and therefore earn money, our main subsistence.

Also believe me that now I’m not trying to pressure you, but quite the opposite, since the early purchase this has been the only mention so far, because among other things, we also know that as a Startup the beginnings are also sensitive for everyone.

We will keep waiting, we believe in Divhunt.


Any update about it, any ETA for at least for the beta?
Without an ETA it’s so difficult plan the year and projects, without e-commerce shop we don’t have incomes, so in the meantime I’m forced to use another different platform, that’s why we need an
Estimated Time of Arrival.


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Last year the native eCommerce was planned for sometime this year, at least the BETA.
Now it turns out that you’ve dropped your trousers and postponed it for another bloody year.
This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE, there are no more excuses, it is a lack of respect to those who have believed in this from the first moment, there are no excuses or other priorities after so long.
I and many other people who have spent their money on this trusted in your words and now all credibility has ended.
The point is that you still believe that ecommerce is not essential in your business model, when it is a boom and a necessity for everyone, even for those who start with a website without a marketplace, but by not offering it you don’t understand how much it is needed.
Native Shopify integration in Q4 is of no interest to anyone, let alone relying on another platform.