Native memberships

What is the likely timescale for the Native Memberships module? Just planning my roadmap for future websites. Also, will this include User management (Login/Profile/Delete)?


Hi @digitalondemand

I apologize for late reply. Early next year :slight_smile:

Any update on native memberships?


Yes please, eagerly waiting :slight_smile:

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We are working on this, we already have login/register system ready, we need to finish the UI for managing the users and payment in order to release it.

It will be very solid membership, a lot of possibilities, connection with CMS so anything will be possible. Worth the wait.


Thank you for the update Dejan. So excited :star_struck:

Hi Dejan - Happy to hear that.

Do you have any limits for existing Growth & Professional lifetime members.
What is the capabilities for each of these members on native membership?

Thank you

@michelle You’re welcome.

@divhunter Membership will be included in both growth and professional plan with limits according to your plan. There won’t be any additional payment required (unless you go crazy with limits, but in that case we assume you can send some extra bucks so we can buy some sandwiches :slight_smile:)


Thank you, looking forward to it :grinning: