Native way to integrate custom fonts to the website

In order to create unique websites custom fonts definitely play an important role, that’s why it would be really good to have this feature :raised_hands:


Hi Dusan,

We agree that custom fonts are very important, so we have this feature on top priority list and it will be implemented this month.

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Much needed for me as my all sites use custom fonts.

Hi @petrbilek

Thank you for the feedback.
We will build a native solution for custom fonts in the following days.

Hopefully that’s fine.

No worries, just adding as a part nice-to-have.

It has Not yet been added as I can see. By when can we expect this feature? It’s a must-have feature for me to create client sites here on divhunt.


I explained here how you can temporary add custom fonts until we create native solution:

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@Pakic Any update on this?

:pray:anyone please reupload the tutorial.

We are almost done with this feature. It will be out before 20-25th of May. But if you need it earlier, I can recreate tutorial


happy to hear that! we all are hoping for the features.

It would be great if you could recreate the tutorial.

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