Navbar Isues - Not Sticky & Hamburger Not Working

I have tried to get my navbar to be sticky a bunch of times. Worked with editing the component, then the component holder. Set to sticky, 0 pixels on the top and up the Z-index, but the Z index never saves. My hamburger seems to open but behind everything as well. Not sure what to do.

Also potentially related, the opened hamburger menu bar keeps going under the hero section of my page when sized down.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

Hey, send me a website url

Sticky works insidie of the parent, in your case parent of your sticky element is section “Navbar”.

In your case you want parent of your sticky element to be body. So one solution is applying sticky top 0px to that wrapper “Navbar”, or just removing that div.

From this:
I did this:

And as well I created a class “sticky-navbar” and applied it to all component holders, so you dont need to manually reaply position fixed and other styles on each component.

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Wow thank you for the clear and simple fix. The sticky navbar and the hamburger are working perfectly now.

Should I always nest my entire page in a “body” section?

Body is by default wrapper of your whole page, you can’t remove it

Hi Pakic I am stuck with divhunt mobile menu, not working on mobile hamburger .
Here is link

Please help me.

Fastest question - do you have plugin installed?

Try reinstalling a plugin that petr mentioned

Thanks Its working by reinstalling plugin