Need for New Templates (plus Divhunt metadata)

I went to see if any more Divhunt templates have been added, and noticed that you guys had this showing in the SERPs.

  1. You should probably look at fixing that, looks a bit sloppy.
  2. When will there be more quality templates added to the templates area?


We are working on markteplace that will include bunch of new templates. We already have 20+ ready to be published, some of them are free, some premium. They will be released soon with the new marketplace.

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I’ve been waiting the new templates, especially for blog ones. Do you have a specific timeline?

new templates? :star_struck: where !?! :mag:

@Jay @noxic, we don’t have a specific timeline because we don’t want to feel too pressured. We are actively working on the Marketplace system, but managing software this big often requires shifting between different features, fixing bugs, and developing urgent new features. Therefore, it’s very easy for the development of the Marketplace to be postponed due to these unpredictable factors. We hope you understand why we’re hesitant to set specific dates. :sweat_smile:

But be assured that we are dedicating a lot of time to this since the Marketplace will greatly benefit us. There are many users who rely on using templates and are willing to pay for them. So yes, the Marketplace is very important to us.

But here’s a little sneak peek at one of the many templates we are realising along with the Marketplace: :no_mouth:

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