NEED HELP: Page Nudge Embed not working

I am attempting to place an embed from onto my website:

I’ve tried placing the embed in the custom code area in settings, in all four spaces, I would think “Body End” would have been the appropriate place. None of the custom code areas seem to allow it to work. I’ve also tried creating an embed element and putting it in the footer of my website and tried it there, and it also does not work, nothing shows up. I tested the script on a non-divhunt website and it did work. Any assistance is welcomed, as I spent a lot of money on the pagenudge life time license and would really like to get it working.

  window.PAGE_NUDGE_CONFIG = {
    "id": "58e36ed8-6155-43bb-b09f-5852e3ae4f1a",
<script src="" defer></script>

Hey if you are opened, send me the code you are trying embed via DM. Will try it.

PS: I am not a part of Divhunt team, just customer. :wink:

I messaged you, I actually tried to put it in the above message but for some reason it’s not there. But I DM’d you. It does have an area in the dashboard where I add domains, I’m not certain if I have to have the domain added there for the script to work, but I’d assume it might not work without you domain added as an authorized website. But I’d be willing to add any domain you give me temporarily for testing on your part.