Newbie Guide to SEO on Divhunt?

Hi All,

Is there already or could there be created, a newb friendly guide to SEO specific to Divhunt?

This is not something I have much knowledge about and understand it is an area that has undergone many changes in recent time across the web.

What tools/methods are available to us within Divhunt?

Any help much appreciated!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hello @liam

As for now, we cover basic and most needed SEO settings / per page.

Right click on page > Settings

We are working on AI which will help you by giving suggestions and analyzing your page for improvements. That would be interesting.



I set up the SEO according to these instructions.
However, when I check Google, my blog does not appear.
Do you know the issue might be?

Hi Dejan
Will the AI support any language?