npm and/or Skypack Support

One of the things I love most about Divhunt is that it lets us play around with the dev stuff under the hood. Because of this, if there are features that aren’t yet included in the builder, we can find or develop them ourselves. A lot of the elements I want to add offer super easy installation instructions…using npm. Some, but not all, packages are available via CDN, but that requires extra steps and doesn’t always function the same.

If we could install packages to the site directly via a terminal with npm, or if there were a UI integration with something like Skypack (similar to Codepen), it would make the experience a lot more seamless. It would also be a huge step in the direction of making development more accessible. Just a thought!

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NPM is definitely something which we can’t implement, but our own solution, maybe, in future.

I will give it some thoughts.

Awesome, thank you, @dejan. If you guys implemented a method for uploading folders to the file structure, that would also work, since we could download locally via npm and then upload the whole directory to a node_modules folder in Divhunt.

I know you guys (rightly) have a bunch of other stuff prioritized higher, but I figure that opening up integrations like that might encourage the community to develop components that could be shared within the Divhunt Marketplace (which would, hopefully, take some stuff off your plate in terms of developing for specific use cases).