'Null' text instead of controls in settings panel

Hi, I get this issue now and then that some of the controls dissappear in the settings panel, replaced by the text ‘Null’. See video:

‘Null’ instead of controls in settings panel

It seems to be more than just a drawing issue as it persists when I reload the page, duplicate the element, or publish the page and then reload. The only way to get rid of it is to make a new element and redesign it and enter the content, paste the styles, then delete the one with the null error.


I can’t reproduce the issue on my PC.

Could you open console and then close/open again the settings, the error should appear there, just take screenshot and I’ll be able to identify the issue.

Thanks in advance.


I already deleted those elements that had the error and recreated them…

When I notice this error again I will do that though and let you know.

Hi @dejan the null issue came up again.

See screen recording of issue

Here is what is appearing in the console:


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve fixed it, it will go live with the next update, or simply install any plugin for immediate effects.

I’ll provide you soon with 1 lifetime subscription free of charge for your time and for trying to make Divhunt better, thank you!

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Yo! That is awesome, cannot say no to that :grin:

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