Overall platform experience and feedback

Hi, I have been building websites on DivHunt for a few days now, I’m here to share thanks about what you have built, and give my feedback.

Bugs :

  1. I experienced some of them.
  2. Builder
    1. My footer component keeps disappearing, I have to recreate it many times :thinking:
    2. I saved many colors in the Styling left panels. Some are working perfectly, other just won’t work (turning into white when selecting them, showing 2 colors names at a time :thinking:)
  3. CMS :
    1. Cannot add 2 rich texts fields in a tab in the data model, otherwise the second one doesn’t show
    2. When I copy paste text, I keep having it pasted twice instead of once
    3. html links often are pasted inside rich text editors with their tags instead as rendered html links
  4. It took me a long time to understand that :
    1. You should double click on CSS properties group on the right side panel. Everywhere else on the web we are single cliking and nothing was mentionned, I thought it wasn’t working and I’d personally perfer a single clic to open/close groups
    2. you should publish CMS items. The button doesn’t stand out!

Adding and onboarding with tooltips will help avoid these kind of difficulties, and help people undestand a complex platform.

Wishlist :grinning::

  1. CMS :
    1. Multiselect field
    2. Choosed field to show on the collection list of items. That would allow custom fields to show as checklist (like an Airtable of Notion database) and helps immensely in organization
    3. Same idea for filtering and grouping posts, based on fields
    4. Export & / backup all CMS items, inside DivHunt or in external locations like DropBox. If I put all my assets and writing inside DivHunt’s CMS, I need it to be replicated somewhere for security purposes :saluting_face:
    5. Rendering markdown inside the rich text editor too would be greaat
    6. Please add a button to every rich text editor field to “Full screen”, so it’s comfortable to write there :slight_smile:
    7. In the Rich Text editor, the DELETE key should go to the previous line, when there is no caracter left on the current one. The SUPPR key should bring back the next line, when there is no more caracter left on the current one.
    8. SHIFT + ALT to move line up and down would be great
    9. CtRL + X to cut current line would be amazing. I use this all the time (works on Notion and Obsidian)
    10. Having an option to toggle heading (like on Notion or Obsidian) would change my life for writing inside DivHunt. We can then easily see our outline and navigate quickly. In Obsidian I have CTRL + SHIFT + UP ARROW KEY to collapse all headings. I then see the outline and can go work on another heading section if needed, without having to scroll for 2 minutes to find it :slight_smile:
  2. Builder :
    1. Button to Duplicate a whole page ? (maybe I can bulk copy paste elements, I didn’t try that)
    2. Remove / delete element when it’s selected and SUPPR or DELETE keyboard keys are pressed
    3. Double clic on element in the sidebar tree, to rename the element :grinning:
    4. About spacing, padding and margin, I don’t understand that sometimes I can clic on the number and there is a small window with presets that’s very handy. But many times it doesnt show and when I click nothing happens. Why ?
    5. About the plugins, are they all developped by DivHunt now ? Showing a contact info for each of these would be handy
    6. Instead of RIGT CLICK + RESET = Double click on the name of the property to reset any value. (some property have the reset options and other don’t. Why?)

Overall, the experience was admirable, efficient and pleasant. Glad I found DivHunt, I’m quitting WordPress

Lastly, could you please explain the diference between Div / Container / Section and when we should use one or the other?

Feel free to reach out to me for additionnal testing or info about the bugs. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Hi Diane,

Thank you very much for taking time to write this feedback, it means so much!

About footer disappearing, can you give us more information, what website, and if possible when it happened so we can investigate?

For many bugs you wrote we are already aware and working on fixing those, and ones that we didnt find so far and you did, we will make sure to fix them as well :slight_smile:

In previous version of Divhunt, we had single clicking to close group, but it was anoying, since many times you misslick that and close it, etc. And most of the people have all the groups opened all the time and dont have a need to close them. But we will for sure wait for more feedback, if more people vote for single click open/close, we might do it :slight_smile:

And for this wishlist, we will see what we can do. About rich-text editor, we didnt develop that it is 3rd party integration, so we might be a bit limited on what we can do, but we will do our best.

And lastly, we just released videos section & container on our youtube channel, so you can find it useful. And when you learn about section & container, then you know about div, you use div everywhere else :smile:

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Happy to help, you are welcome.

The footer keeps disappearing on https://webinde.divhunt.art, in the backend, when I add it to a new page, there is always a moment when I come back and it’s not here anywmore and I struggle to find it in the component (the name shows but not the component), but I wouldn’t be able to say exactly when or why it happens :woman_shrugging:

Can you please adresse these points so that I know what I should focus my work on right now :smile: ?

  • How can I back up my CMS items ?
  • I’m building a comparative website. Fetching the data of the products from the CMS and displaying them in a table will be easy. The hard part is : I will need to find a way for the visitor to add some items to a temporary memory, and then display these items side by side when then click on “compare”.
    How would you achieve that ? I know a bit about JS.
    I will need to build a variable to enter the info and then get it back, to build the comparative table?
    How would you build this if you needed to? I can learn the libraries and do it I’m sure, but I don’t know the best way to do this ?
  • Because of the current limitations of the CMS, can we use another CMS, with DivHunt, and how ?
  • Do you have a public roadmap where we could see what you are currently working on ?
  • Will you add the ability to show fields in the CMS list of item (or add other stage to the Published badge : Backlog, currently working on, need to add images, need to update…). This is mandatory for me to work on my content, a “published yes/no” isn’t enough granularity to manage writing articles for me
  • Do you have documentation on how to build our own plugins ?
  • Why some property can be resetted and other, not ? While some spacing can be modify, and other, not?

I forgot this bug : In the CMS, when editing an item, I cannot switch between tab (sections of the data model), or the non visible tabs aren’t save. I have to reopen the item multiple times and save each one of the tabs

Also, +1 for the white theme on my side :slight_smile:

I don’t see a problem to the double click really now that I know. It’s more that I would have liked a tooltip because I spent hours not understanding why they don’t open lol

Please also allow to add option for select / multiselect field, while using this field from the CMS. Like we would in Notion or Airtable, adding option for multiselect on the fly.

I will watch the video, thanks!