Page does not render properly in Firefox but does in Chrome

Page consists of 6 short paragraphs and renders properly in Chrome, but in Firefox it renders as one paragraph. That is the case on a PC desktop and Android phone. I’m using a custom domain. Is this a programming bug?

can you give me a website url so I can check?

Hi Pakic,
This URL renders 6 short paragraphs properly in Chrome but not in Firefox:

You can fix it by applying custom CSS property to that specific paragraph or rich text.
Add white-space: break-spaces in CSS of your tag.

That’s the fix you can do on your own, but we will resolve it globaly for all websites soon, now that we know about this issue.


Thanks! Please let us know when you have made the global fix.

It’s not Divhunt… it’s Firefox.

They still don’t universally support the :has() pseudo for your rule of:

*:not(:has(*)):not(:empty) {
  white-space: break-spaces;
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Is there some alternative?