Page has unsuccessful HTTP status code 404 at Google Lighthouse

When I visit my site, it returns a 404 status which makes my site poor in SEO. I tried another template pages from Divhunt but it still be 404. My console also log 404 status.

This seems to be a bigger issue. It seems to not load the Body content correctly, which can be seen in the Source code tab of the dev tools:

Screenshot of the Elements tab:

Here the whole DOM is correctly displayed (rendered page).

But when viewing the source code tab, only the head and the site custom code of the is loaded here. The rest of the DOM in the Body tag is missing:

I was working on a project and wasn’t able to get an element by ID on the published because of this. When exporting the code everything works normal.

Here are the console logs: (you can ignore the menu id stuff - I haven’t set this up yet - but the gsap stuff is caused by this.)

This seems to be a clear bug. Could you prioritize this?

Hey, this is an SPA website. When you open the source code, you actually see what happened before JavaScript was triggered to generate HTML. All the data is saved as JSON, and when you visit the website as a user, your browser uses that JSON and JavaScript code to generate HTML.

In order to see what google sees, you can add ?prerendering=true at the end.


And for targeting elements, when writing JS, did you put event ‘onPageReady’? Can you give me website url so I can check?

How to improve my SEO, i tried a lot of ways but it still be 83, can your team make a video about that @Pakic ?

Hey, whats the website url?

I get template from Divhunt

My sitemap:
@pages daily 1.0

My robots.txt

User-agent: *



This is what I get with page insights and lighthouse. Btw, when doing lighthouse test localy, do it from incognito (not logged in), when you are logged in, you are not getting real version of what your users or search engines see. In order for you to be able to work with live preview as an Admin, it needed to be like this, you are served non-cached version as an admin with a bit less stuff, so thats probably the reason why it is reporting seo 83


We are also working on a Global Prerender tool for SEO, where basic and improved version will be included with every Divhunt project, which will be more than enough for basic needs. However if you want to achieve maximum SEO performance, there will be a paid option, where we will cache your entire website globally and deliver to search engines full HTML in a milliseconds matter, as well you will have full analytics of prerender, requests and many more options, settings and configuration

This tool will come by the end of month, and this is like the maximum we can achieve to have the best SEO.

Feel free to ask questions if needed.

Will this update also add SEO for translated pages? So It’s possible to have titles, descriptions and such, in other languages? :smiley:


Yes, it will be possible

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Hi @dejan

Do you know when this tool will be available and SEO translations? :slight_smile:


Prerender is already live and doing it’s own magic :smiley:

We will release detailed analytics soon for prerender so you can monitor all crawl requests, speed and more.

For the SEO translations per page, I’ll work on that in the following days, and will try to finish it this weekend.

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Aamazing news @dejan :star_struck: