Page title and description doesnt update

I have already updated it since yesterday but it hasn’t changed the description as well just updated the description but it also didnt change


Hey, that doesn’t happen instantly when you change it. When google recrawl’s your website next time, then it will update everything.

oh how long does it take usually because the name has been changed for 18 hours already

Google hasn’t publicly specified an exact frequency for refreshing data in search results. However, it’s understood that the refresh rate can vary based on several factors, including changes to the website, its traffic, and updates in Google’s crawling and indexing algorithms. Typically, Googlebot re-crawls websites at intervals that can range from several days to a few weeks, depending on the site’s update frequency, popularity, and other factors. - Chat GPT 4

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Hopefully you have seen this update by now, but I had this same issue and it resolved itself within a week or so. Hope that helps!