Paragraphs are on the edges of the page in 480px breakpoint


In Desktop breakpoint, On a div with content, I have configured a max-width of 700px and a width of 100%
In breakpoint 480px the content is on the edges of the page.

I know that I can reduce the max-width px to 400px and it will work in the 480px breakpoint but I want to make sure this is the only way to do it if I want to keep the content in the desktop wide as 700px max-width.

Waiting for the answer from the pros :1st_place_medal:


If you set the max-width to 400px on the 480px breakpoint, that will apply only on that 480px breakpoint, so the desktop will remain the same (700px).

I would suggest adding padding left and right on that Text Wrapper, that will make some spacing on the edges.

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