Password protect published sites?

Could we get a feature to password-protect free and premium sites while we’re building them?

We need to publish to back up changes. But then the site becomes live for public viewing. That’s not great for a work-in-progress.

With other web platforms (Webflow, WordPress), I password-protect the site (via the settings or with a plugin) until I’m ready to launch.

When protected, public visitors see a simple password/login form or a special “coming soon” page. But they can’t view the site without bypassing that restriction. I provide my clients with the password to view it when ready to get feedback.

With Divhunt, I’ve partly mitigated this problem by obfuscating the sites I’m building. I do that by choosing a random Divhunt subdomain (that’s unlikely to be stumbled upon) and by clearing the SEO defaults under settings to prevent search engines from indexing the site.

Is password protection or something like a “coming soon” page on the horizon?

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It is planned, we will inform you when released, it will happen this year.

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Actually this feature might come very soon. Don’t know exact date, but hopefully in next 1-2-3 weeks top.

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Excellent! It’s great to see how quickly the platform is advancing.

@dejan and @Pakic
In a larger context, here are my 3 main use cases for restricting access to a production (live) site:

  1. “Coming soon” mode—You’re still building the site before launching it for public view. Ideally, there’s a way to bypass the block so clients can view the site (e.g., password).
  2. “Maintenance / back soon” mode—You’re doing more extensive upgrades or content changes in the back end (after the site has been live) and want to release them all at once. No password bypass?
  3. “Turtle / emergency” mode—You’re protecting the site while there are issues of some kind (e.g., DDoS attacks). No password bypass. This is functionally similar to “Maintenance / back soon” mode so it could probably use the same restriction approach.