Please add Breakpoints

Please Add custom breakpoints larger then 1920px

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Could you give us real use cases why breakpoints larger than 1920 should exist and we will gladly enable them.

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Yes !
Some of my clients for example schools and medium size businesses use large panels with resolutions till 8k.

They use large resolutions for the best quality and If my site will have max 1920px breakpoint, because is flexing, oh high resolution is showing almost everything in 1 line :sweat_smile:

:smiley: and If they set a big panel to low resolution, they will lose quality. :smiley:

Also please allow us to add/remove/edit the default breakpoints with total freedom.

I never use the 991px, have added my own at 1240px, would rather just replace the 991px breakpoint with the 1240px one, and just want to have control to have things my way and not scoll past through an uneeded 991 breakpoint every sinlge time for eternity.

We haven’t properly planned custom breakpoints, so now it’s very difficult to update this system and expect to not break anything :smiley:

It’s possible ofc, but it’s not right time sadly. Hopefully in near future we can enhance this functionality too…

Thanks for patience