Please Add Export and Import of code - It will be orgasmic

Please Add Export and Import of code - It will be orgasmic , As I’m planning to use it on my every day basis for work :smiley:


Hey @KAdrian

I understand export, but what do you mean by import? :smiley:
You mean pasting HTML code which will be converted to builder tags or?

Yes !
So for example HTML or even a manually written full site so that we can import into Divhunt, modify and after export like code.

I’m really looking forward to for code export. Now that we are in Q4, is there any possibility for us to get a current status for this feature? Thanks.

Q4 2023 — Planned features Divhunt | Roadmap

  • Code export
  • Multi select
  • Client billing
  • New interactions system
  • Native Shopify integration
  • SVG color picker
  • Zapier & Make plugins
  • Native mobile menus


There’s a lot of time remaining for Q4 :smiley:

We are working on code export, the hardest part is the transform system to work on exported site, still not sure if is possible without a lot of modification. Maybe, and hopefully, we will see.

You can reach out again in like 7-10 days and I can share you progress and how’s going, or maybe it would be good idea to extend the road map with Q&A section, so we can write the progress from time to time.


Yes :smile: indeed there is. That would be wonderful, thanks!

Checking in for an update :blush:

Nothing yet, we had many difficulties while trying to create code export, we were working on it for few days, but its much harder than it seemed at start. So unfortunately, it is on hold currently, atleast for next 20-30 days. :confused:

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This is a feature I have been pushing hard for.

Because the tendency will always be to postpone.

The more you develop your product around the idea the the website is locked into your product the harder it will be for this feature to come about.

So it’s either coming soon or maybe never.

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It’s coming for sure, this is fully on me, I am trying to include the plugins to work on expert, but it’s just very difficult, and I had few ideas, they work partially.

I really thought it would be much easier to build this feature.

Please give us a bit more time, still wrapping my head around how to solve some issues.

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So you understand my point right?

However those features were implemented, they were not implemented with the idea that the website could be exported.

Anything that is front end and runs locally should be exportable.

Of course if you implement server side features then that is not reasonable to expect, but anything else is.

Is code export offered on Wordpress ? I don’t think so. You can of course export the database to import it later on a new Wordpress site, but I’ve never heard of functionalities such as 100% self-sufficient code export since there are many plugins, templates, etc.

I clearly misunderstand what is a code export features and which builder offers such feature… can someone enlighten me on this ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Wordpress is fully open source, I have all the code of anything I build on Wordpress.

So you are wrong.

But you are contradicting yourself as you seem to be aware that we have access to all the assets.

So you can export your wordpress website and get rid of the CMS side ? I know about the assets because I use Wordpress, but I never thought of exporting my website to get rid of the Wordpress CMS. In this code export features, it feels like you ask Divhunt to give you all the code to install your site on your own server (so basically, no need to pay an agency account, just get a one site licence and do an unlimited number of site).

That’s the way I understand the code export feature, am I correct?

I don’t mind being wrong, just asking.

Yes, code export feature will export all front-end files of a website. That being said, everything that is depended on the backend of Divhunt will die. Only static parts of the website will work.

So CMS will not work if you export code, REST API will not work, and since we are not providing you servers in that case, your speed will be probably much worse and there is no SPA.


@Pakic I’m only interested in this one, “Only static parts of the website will work.”

Can’t this feature be released gradually? I need to design it visually, add twig tags, export, done. If I want to use the CMS feature as well, then that depends on the project.

For example, I’m waiting for the Google Sheets feature as well. I’m going to use that for another project. Divhunt gives me the possibility of both worlds.

I’m really not interested in anything server-side, and of course, that is expected behavior when exporting the site as static HTML.

That being said, these 2 features are the most I’m excited for everyday :slight_smile:

Don’t much care about importing - but exporting will be EPIC!!! Especially if the plugins still work - that will be critical for me.

Who mentioned getting rid of the CMS? If DivHunt also wants to give us the Builder and CMS along with the export EVEN BETTER.

We are just asking for the files of the website.

It’s a small ask, not getting rid of anything else.

The more stuff comes with it the better.

I’m at least glad there are more people on board instead of the typical zombies that are like:

“Website hostingz? What? I just know my websitez iz on the the internetz.”

@David @ShorePatrol @grug @KAdrian @mxcrml

We will announce first version of export plugin by end of this week.
Might not be what you are looking for fully, but for first version should be more than enough, then you guys can give feedbacks and we can continue improving the system.


Why wouldn’t it be what we are looking for?

If some of the plugins don’t work at least give us a tutorial on how to make it work manually after export.