Plugin descriptions

Not sure if there is already something similar but there should be an instruction manual for the plugins to show what it is able to do and how to use it because some of the videos on the Divhunt YouTube are outdated and the plugins are no longer using the same name and there are many UI/UX changes.


We’re almost done setting up our new marketplace. It has details and how-to guides for each plugin. Now, you can find a guide for every plugin right on its page. Right now, all plugins except ‘show on scroll’ and ‘showdown’ have a video and a written guide for you to check out.

About the UI/UX changes, not much has changed. The way you used to see ‘Transform’ settings in a sidebar is a bit different now. They pop up when you click on them. But, they work just the same as before.

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Alright thanks for the response look forward to the updated marketplace