Popup on an image with a loop : how to get it work?

I thought having the popup also with same # of loop could work but it isn’t.
Should I avoid to use popup and create as much as image+popup couples as I have images into my gallery ?

domain : eliserocher.divhunt.art
page : galerie

Not exactly the same but very similar : I’ve got a popup opening on a Navlink.
It works well until I change the screen size and it transform into the Hamburger menu … I don’t know how to get my third link to open the same menu component with the popup :frowning:
Help welcome

If you just need to make a picture bigger on click, use the Lightbox Gallery plugin instead of Pop-ups. (screen bellow)

For your second question, it’s tough to say what is happening. Seems you are using the Hamburger Menu on a different element.

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