Popup with embed code Bug

Hi Stefan,

I have an embed link and I want it to be opened in a popup.

I have created a component and added the embedded code inside of a div.

The size of the embedded link is max-width:1000px; min-height: 600px;

In the builder, it looks fine but in the live view, it gets the size of a smartphone breakpoint.

The only way to keep it in the original size is by enabling the Inherit Width feature to be on in the popup options.

The problem is that if I do that, the Closeable: Soft doesn’t work if I click on the sides of the window.

How can I fix that?

Section name “Calendar”


I am wondering if there is a fix to this.

The embed link only opens in a narrow view like that in the popup.

I wonder why?

Hi Stefan

Here is a short video of the problem.

Can you help to fix it?


Here is the component with the Iframe:

It doesn’t open like that in the popup

Hi team

Can you please have a look at this?

It only happens with the popup.


Please allow me some time to investigate this and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Regarding your other issues, Stefan will be with you soon.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hi Dejan

24 days ago, I posted this topic, and since then there has been no solution.

Hi Dejan,

Any news regarding this issue?

I am not sure what is supposed to happen?
Popup opens like this for me, this seems correct, or you are looking for different outcome?

Thanks for the reply!

I waited for it for over a month.

The popup opened like that only because I have set it for “inherit width”

The problem with the inherited width is that there is a problem with exiting the popup from the sides as it should be.

If I set the Inherit width to no, it brings a narrow menu I don’t want to have If I use a computer.


All I need is the wide menu, which can be easily disappeared when pressing the background at the sides.

Is it possible to add a closing button on the popup menu as well?

The component popup I have configured is wide as it should so why doesn’t it open with the right dimensions that in my case look like a smartphone menu?

Why can I exit the popup from the sides only when it is not set to “Inherit Width”?

Problem is,

when you open a popup, iframe loading time is being delayed, because its an iframe. And our popup calculates width & height before iframe is loaded, so it makes it broken.

I did one trick where I have put wrapper div to be always atleast 100vw width, and height 600px. So hopefully this fixes your issue.

Also I’ve added custom close button. For close button, all you need is to set attribute to be ‘modal-close’ = ‘true’