Possible to change SVG attributes (eg color and size) on hover?

I’d like to change the color of an SVG icon in a button, when a user hovers/clicks on the button.

Is this possible in Divhunt without custom code?


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Hey @AlwaysBeLearning, you can achieve this only with the Embed code at the moment.

Here’s a video tutorial:

If you need a more detailed tutorial on how to achieve this in a button, let me now. But in general, all you have to do is to call the Embed tag inside the Link.


Can you please provide access to your loom Workspace so we can have access to all your tutorials?

Hey, we don’t have Loom organized, to be honest. Everyone is just recording short loom videos separately, we don’t even have a premium subscription for the workspace there. However, all our tutorial videos are available on our YouTube channel. If you need guidance on a specific issue, I recommend Googling the problem and then clicking on the Loom link in the relevant thread for the solution.

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