Potential File Upload Bug

Update: After trying simply converting images from PNG to JPG the uploads are being accepted. So the issue may just be the system not liking PNG’s :man_shrugging:

I noticed an issue uploading files while working on a project during the last week. After selecting the image source and selecting the file via the “Choose From Computer” option this happens. A message immediately pops up saying “Upload Started” then quickly another message pops up saying “No Files Uploaded”. No other error messages, just seems to start upload and then simply reject the file. It doesn’t appear to give any other indications of the reason for failure, like name structure, file type, etc.

Note: I did see a post regarding a 20MB limit for video (assuming that applies to all files). In this case, these are images ranging from 2-9MB each. Some are JPG and others are PNG.

Hey @Tyler , the 20MB limit is for videos only. Images have a maximum size of 2MB.

JPGs are typically smaller in size than PNGs. I suspect that in your case, the PNG version of the image exceeded 2MB, while the JPG version, being more compressed, was likely below that threshold. That’s probably why the system allowed you to upload the JPG.

Can you check the file sizes of those files and confirm this please?

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Ok, thank you! That makes sense. I hadn’t compared file sizes, but does appear that just the process of converting PNG>JPG took file sizes from 7-8MB to 1-2MB.

For other users, that might be handy to have a little description in the uploader modal that outlines file size limits or update the status modal to state the reason the upload failed.