Predefined elements only showing form elements

See the image:

Aren’t there supposed to be more elements here? Why only form elements?

If I run a search, it finds nothing.

Wireframes seem to work, but I don’t want to use that.

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Image with search showing nothing:

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Second this… I’ve been looking for the swiper for ages :man_facepalming:

it is installed from plugins

it appears in the elements after installing the hamburger plugin if I’m not mistaken

p.s. Don’t be lazy to watch the lessons on the YouTube channel, it will take you 2-3 hours, but half the questions will disappear. Even I, a person familiar with Figma, Webflow, Brix and a bunch of other designers, first of all watched the lessons. New tool - new features.

both of those plugins were already installed by default, so it’s not that

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Exaclty, not sure kozeev understand what is happening… Yesterday swiper, youtube, vimeo, hambuger menu, and other plugins, had pre defined elements, which now are gone… Not sure who is being lazy here :man_shrugging:

PS I have already re-installed the plug-ins and this didn’t solve the issue (at least my end)

I checked, you are both right.

I just literally made a website the other day and that’s it. I apologize for not understanding the problem.

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Hey, can you give me your website url? Reinstlaling plugin should solve an issue, but not sure why it didnt for you

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I’m confused.

I did not reinstall anything, those plugins were already installed when I started working on the site. Which ones am I supposed to reinstall for the elements to appear exactly like they do in this video: I’m trying to follow it but it’s impossible because I can’t see the elements.

I also can’t see a button to add a “section” either which is what he clicks first in the video to get the elements to appear.

I’m incredibly frustrated. It seriously feels like the platform is broken, I can’t be this dumb.

It’s very annoying that I can’t even follow the basic videos after buying the appsumo deal.

Thanks Pakic, domain is

Only hamburger menu showed after re-install… swiper still missing.

Yeap, you are right. That part is currently broken, because we launched new system for that with 200+ new wireframes, and elements coming from Plugins are actually broken now, they apear only after you reinstall a plugin.

For example if you reinstall a marquee effect, you should get a block “Marquee”. If you reinstall “Tabs”, you should get 4 tabs blocks. If you reinstall Hamburger menu, you should get block “navbar” and “Hamburger menu”.

We will fix this asap, until then, please reinstall that you need to use.

Sorry for inconvenience.

I just fixed swiper. You can use it now. Problem was that Swiper plugin was not updated recently.


Thanks for the fix Pakic, really appreciate it. Is there anything I can do moving forward if this happens again? or is just a matter of unninstal-install a couple more times?

AND I did noticed the impressive update on the wireframes front. Awesome work!!

I’m still lost. I created a test project and even after reinstalling the plugins, the UI does not look like this:

I don’t see a “+ section” button on the page and those predefined elements for things like content are missing.

This is what my UI looks like:

So I’m stuck and can’t even follow the basic quick start tutorial.

Hey, we will create new tutorial with new UI in next couple of days after we release new sections. :slight_smile: I will let you know when we do