Prerendering and Google indexing - a tad worried

I cannot get my CMS posts indexed, they all stay in a “Discovered - currently not indexed” state, which is kind of worrying since Google states it might come back and recrawl your site - whatever that means… This applies to my CMS posts mostly.

If I force prerendering for a CMS post (add query ?prerendering=true), all seems fine and all HTML is present and valid in the DevTool. Has anyone else experienced problems with GSC not indexing your new pages on Divhunt?

Also @dejan we really, really, really need proper 301 redirect on server level - please :pray:t3:

If I had that option now, the indexing issue might not be a problem since I’d be able to kindof force Google to revisit my site for the redirected URLs - I think :wink:

After some more research the “Discovered - currently not indexed” can mean one of several things:

  • Google hasn’t crawled the URL yet due to crawl budget limitations or other priorities.
  • The content might be considered duplicate, non-essential, or low quality.
  • There could be technical issues or directives preventing indexing, such as a ‘noindex’ tag or blocked by robots.txt.
  • The website or specific URL might be new, and Google hasn’t processed it yet for indexing.

This might be an “please wait” thing or another quality issue.

I use rich text blocks on all posts, that is the only thing I can think of being a “quality issue”…

Both robots.txt and sitemap.xml has been validated and passed so all good there…

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I’ll release redirect rules tomorrow.

About indexing issues, our website Divhunt have CMS pages indexed properly, might only take a bit more time from Google or something.

However, let’s monitor the situation and see what’s going on.

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UPDATE: It’s Live!!

Looking forward to redirects :slight_smile:



Just tested it and all seems to work as expected, thanx @dejan :pray:t3::pray:t3: